Services & Pricing

 Wuffy Walks will be closing Jan 1.2020

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Standard Visit to your home to care for dogs and cats.

Our initial appointment or "meet & greet"is free.

This meeting is required at least 48 hours before your the start of service. 

We will meet your pets,discuss your needs and complete agreements, pet profile and a vet release.

Please have keys (2) ready.  One key is kept as backup in the office in case of emergency.                  

1 to 4 30 minute visit(s )a day 

$20 per visit   for 1-3 pets

$25                  for  4-8 pets 

Add 30 minutes to either for $10

Two visits a day minimum for dogs who's owners are travelling(except on first and last day of your trip)
 3x suggested for dogs with no access to outdoors    

 We strongly suggest at least one of your visits be an extended 60 minute visit if your dog(s) must be crated when alone.

 Cats must be visited at least once every 24 hours.    
 No additional charge for fish or birds if no cleaning required.
 Visits last approximately 30 minutes and include:
 Feeding, potty and playtime,scooping litter boxes, watering plants, rotate lights and blinds, bringing in mail and paper.

 A short leash walk is included if that is part of your dog's normal routine and they walk politely.

And most importantly LOTS of love.